Our animations can be used for a variety of purposes, such as:

Clear and concise explanation of products or services

Promotion of events and product launches

Engagement on social media

Training and education of employees

Animations for presentations and conferences

Our process is simple and effective:

1. We start with your idea or need

we want to know more about your company, your objectives, and how you intend to communicate with your clients

2. We work on that idea and produce a script

based on your ideas, we create a detailed script for your animation, with information on the duration, visual style, and message you want to convey.

3. We produce a Key Visual

from the script, we create a visual representation of how your animation will look, with illustrations, sketches, and other visual references.

4. We produce the storyboard

with the visual concept defined, we create a detailed storyboard that shows how the animation will be divided into scenes and how the characters and visual elements interact with each other.

5. We produce the animation

with the storyboard ready, our animators and designers work together to create the final animation, with attention to detail and visual quality.

6. We take care of sound and subtitles

 to finalize the animation, we add sound effects and background music, as well as subtitles and other textual elements that may be necessary.

If you want to create a 2D animation, illustration, or motion graphics that helps your company stand out, contact us today and discover how Blendd can help. Together, we can create an animation that will make your clients remember you.

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